Montclair local

“Layers of Flavors on Walnut Street is putting coffee itself at the forefront. My conversation with the owner very quickly made it clear that I would be receiving an espresso.

The coffee they use is from a company called Devoción, based in Colombia. The beans are sent fresh to a roaster in Brooklyn that sends a delivery of freshly roasted coffee every week. This stuff is as fresh as it gets.

My father is quite the “espresso aficionado,” so I have an appreciation for the craft, and this espresso was the real deal: Very balanced acidity, delightful crema, and intense texture. Be sure to give it a try!”

- Steven DeSalvo


Montclair Times

“Have you checked out Layers of Flavors yet? It’s a handsomely designed coffee + pastry shop just doors up from Red Eye Grill. The space is inviting and comfortable, with white subway tile walls, cushy forest green ‘50s chairs and a fabulous giant-sized image of a young boy with a magnifying glass on an adventure.

From homemade GF breakfast bars (mine was delicious) to an apple pie my friends raved about, what we sampled was fresh, tasty and worth a return visit. It’s a sandwich and soup spot, too … and I just spied a beet latte on their insta page (@layersofflavorsnj).

Clearly NYC has nothing on Montclair with that trendy coffee thing.”

- Karen Schloss-Diaz