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Here’s 20 Bucks: Layers of Flavors, Montclair

“The name of the restaurant rings true.

Layers of Flavors, located on Walnut Street, is a charming eatery/bakery serving French-inspired fare with flavor to spare. Big, open windows in the bright welcoming space allow light to softly hit the tables. The bakery case is chock full of desserts such as macarons, tarts, slices of cakes, cupcakes and pies. And yes, you can order a full cake in advance for a special occasion. But don’t let all the yummy desserts distract you from the entrees.

The first dish I tried was the Avocado Toast with Smoked Salmon. A hefty piece of toast featuring a thick layer of creamy avocado and slices of smoked salmon. The ingredients tasted fresh, and the dish was perfect for a lighter meal. Next up – the Swiss Cheese and Beef Flank Steak Flatbread. I really enjoyed this handmade flatbread — the beef flank steak and gooey cheese, paired with the crispy bread, paired perfectly. Another favorite: the Croissant Salmon Sandwich. The crunch of cucumber offered a good contrast and refreshing crunch to the soft and salty salmon; sandwiched between two halves of a fluffy croissant, this sandwich was raised to a new level.”

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Experiencing Coffee All Around Town

“Layers of Flavors on Walnut Street is putting coffee itself at the forefront. My conversation with the owner very quickly made it clear that I would be receiving an espresso.

The coffee they use is from a company called Devoción, based in Colombia. The beans are sent fresh to a roaster in Brooklyn that sends a delivery of freshly roasted coffee every week. This stuff is as fresh as it gets.

My father is quite the “espresso aficionado,” so I have an appreciation for the craft, and this espresso was the real deal: Very balanced acidity, delightful crema, and intense texture. Be sure to give it a try!”

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What’s next on the food and beverage scene?

“Have you checked out Layers of Flavors yet? It’s a handsomely designed coffee + pastry shop just doors up from Red Eye Grill. The space is inviting and comfortable, with white subway tile walls, cushy forest green ‘50s chairs and a fabulous giant-sized image of a young boy with a magnifying glass on an adventure.

From homemade GF breakfast bars (mine was delicious) to an apple pie my friends raved about, what we sampled was fresh, tasty and worth a return visit. It’s a sandwich and soup spot, too … and I just spied a beet latte on their insta page (@layersofflavorsnj).

Clearly NYC has nothing on Montclair with that trendy coffee thing.”

- Karen Schloss-Diaz