Our Story

Aysel has used her aesthetic eye to craft beautiful goods in many forms. Born in Turkey, and educated at the Fine Art Academy, Aysel worked as a design director in Istanbul before moving to New York to study hat design at Fashion Institute of Technology. With this education, she went on to design classic 1940s women’s hats for small boutiques throughout Manhattan.

Concurrent to her love of art and design, Aysel developed a deep appreciation for the craft of French pastry arts, and graduated from the French Culinary Institute of Pastry Art in New York.

Aysel later worked with the celebrated Michelin Star chef Kurt Gutenbrunner at his NYC restaurant Blaue Gans.

Layers of Flavors embodies Aysel’s vision of the possibility that our everyday food can look, taste, and feel like works of art in and of themselves.

I believe food should be experienced like a great work of art - appreciated, contemplated, and swooned over. Indulge your senses in something good.